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Fisk club

Standard house and boat 3.Sept - 10.Sept

Standard house and boat 3.Sept - 10.Sept

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Included in this package is a standard fishing house and boat for one week for five guests on Flateyri or Sudureyri. We will choose for you which place is better to visit each time, but if you have a special wish to visit either Sudureyri or Flateyri, it is best to send us an email at Each house is 67m2 in size and there are two twin rooms with two 90x200cm beds and one single room with one 90x200cm bed. Bathroom with a shower. Kitchen and living room are adjacent with a large table. The kitchen has a refrigerator with a freezer compartment, a stove with a baker's oven, a microwave, a coffee machine, a toaster, and a dishwasher. All common tableware, bed linen and towels are in the house. Free internet and Internet-connected TV are available in every house. Coffee, wheat, sugar, salt, pepper, and oil for frying are in every house. You can go swimming, shop, and get general refreshments in walking distance. Isafjordur is also nearby with full service. Laundry service is available on site. The houses are delivered after 16:00 on the day of arrival and must be returned before 11:00 on the day of departure. All houses are non-smoking.

The boat is 7.5 meters long with a 130hp diesel engine. All safety equipment for anglers is as required by Icelandic law. Locator connected to coast guard, walkie-talkie radio, and rescue boat for 6 anglers. The boat also has a fish finder, a GPS locator, and a hook to bring in large fish and two 380L tank to store the fish in ice water. One of the anglers on each boat must have a license to sail a pleasure boat, but if he doesn't, he can take a short course locally to get a license. The angler in question is then the registered captain and he then signs the rental agreement for the boat on behalf of his group. The boat is delivered with a full tank of diesel oil 180L and must be returned with a full tank of diesel oil.

Anglers can land catch and take oil between 8-10 every morning. No service fee is charged for handling ice to cool the fish, or for handling oil, or landing the catch. Anglers can fillet fish for their own consumption. All other catch goes to local fish producer for further production of cooler bags for frozen fish that anglers can take home for a reasonable fee to have professionals turn whole fish into a first-class consumer product. Anglers can also sell as many bags as possible they like with frozen fish to friends and family and then earn Fisk Club points. Anglers can take cooler bags with fish on a flight or have cooler bags with frozen fish sent home within Germany, the Netherlands, Iceland, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, and England. The points can be used to buy fish or pay off the next fishing trip. To collect points, angler must join the club on this page.

Our service and emergency number +345 456 6200 is always open. You can also send us general inquiries to the email address

The date in the headline and price apply to 2024. Prices for 2025 will be on our website on Oct 1, 2024. We also point out to anglers that you can buy organized travel packages to visit us where most everything is included by clicking here.

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